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Release Date
March 2018

Steam PC

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In Nightmare Pop you play as a little girl named Clementine, trap in your own nightmare. With the help of your bubble you will have to survive against enemies by capturing them. You'll also be able to jump on them and use them as parachute. But don't forget that they are always watching you, behind they're screen, the Twitch's Monster is ready to do verything to stop you. So get up, fight your way throught all 3 levels, get bonus from your defeated ennemis and win against the twitch comunity.


On the tuesday we were two complete stranger, unknowing the existance of the orther one and living a smooth life. Suddenly on the wednesday we learnd that we were about to work together on a game that will goes on steam. Well that's what you call motivation! No time to lose; white paper, pen, computer we were ready to get a ... "meh" to our first idea. No time to lose once again, new ideas, new levels, new heroine, new way to interact with the community, new challenge in the game, and here Clementine was born. Pump up as never we were full of optimism to get a... "Until now your projet is the less interesting". Hardcore but we were ok. New mechanics, new level design, etc, well you know the song. And finaly, Nightmare Pop was born.


  • Play against twitch with two different type of gameplay, one where you're alone, fighting monster and activating bonus, on the other hand a gameplay where you have to vote and farm action point to defeate the player.
  • You want to play with your friend? Connect a controller and play in coop or one playing as the little girl and the other one playing as Twitch's Monster.
  • Don't worry, you can also train yourself by competiting against the computer who will take the roll of Twitch's Monster.
  • 3 Levels and a boss level, each representing a little girl's deep fear and new challenge.
  • Use your bubble in different way, as a weapon or as a way to go further in the level and to acces new area.


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Formed without knowing each other, we embarqued for the greatest adventure of our life... well for the time beeing